Quickie Makeup Tips

In a hurry to get to that party? Whoops, you overslept and you’re late to work! Here are some tips to speed-up your qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes routine – you may even be able to use these for your everyday routine, and have more time for that antioxidant filled cup of coffee in the morning…

Go to basic mode…

qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes
qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes

If you’re in a REAL crunch, and only have about 5-10 minutes to put on your qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes, strip down your routine to the basics. Skip the eyeliner, for example, and go with a simple mascara brush. Here’s a quick five-minute makeup routine:

o Lightly and quickly wipe your face with witch hazel on a cotton pad. This is a great way to clean your skin and get it ready for the application of your base lotion and makeup.
o Apply a thin coating of lotion – nothing greasy – even hand lotion will work in a pinch.
o Starting on your cheek, dab a fingertip with your foundation or base liquid. Spread quickly with your fingertips around the remainder of that side of your face and cheek. Don’t forget to bring the makeup to just below your jaw line to avoid the tell-tale makeup “mask.” Add more foundation or base, if needed – but, be careful; foundation makeup is not designed to cover up, only to blend and unify your skin color.
o Repeat the above for your other cheek, chin and forehead. Make sure that, even though you are in a rush, you blend carefully. It’s important to do this in good light to see how that makeup is blending in.
o For a quick ‘cover’ on any blemishes, simply dab the foundation or base qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes very lightly (a q-tip will work here) and blend in. You don’t have time for the full cover up, but this will definitely lessen the blemish effect until you have some time to do some cover up when you get a breather.
o Apply some rouge or blush on your cheekbones and blend in
o Apply mascara as usual. You may have to skip eye liner, eye shadow and other detail effects.

You’re done. You’ll feel and look better, even though you only had 5 minutes to do it!

If you don’t have a lighted qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes vanity table , or a contemporary vanity table , get a lighted mirror for the bathroom to ensure that the makeup is even, and that the mask line is not visible around your chin.

qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes
qingdao lashes 3d mink lashes

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