Hot New Hair Trends For 2008!

Today’s hairstyles are vibrant and exciting! Thinking back on how limited we’ve been in past private label mink eyelashes(with one style representing what was en vogue), it’s evident that we’ve expanded our hair-fashion horizons.

private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

Haircolor has emerged as an artform and new cutting techniques and tools have exploded the creativity of stylists. We now draw from all of the past decades for inspiration and then bring it up a notch with modern methods.

With so many incarnations of hair history to select from, we cycle through them like children playing dress-up with the contents of an old trunk in the attic.

The result? New hair trends.

Let’s look at a bit of what we’ll be seeing in 2008…

Hair Styles/Styling

Vintage 20’s and 40’s inspired styling is hot for 2008. Pared down glamor. Sophisticated, elegant waves… A polished look with a low key “regal” quality.

Strong, blunt fringes or soft sweeping bangs (heavier than in the past) make a modern statement this year. And blunt fringes of shorter lengths play into the vintage feel that is popular now. If your hairstyle needs a boost, but you’re not sure which direction to take it, try adding a fringe (either long or short). This one simple change can dramatically alter the feel of a hair cut.

Texture is all over the map. Stick-straight locks with the addition of a lash-skimming, blunt fringe transforms straight hair into a high-fashion showpiece.

Peaks and swirls add interest to cropped hairstyles. The private label mink eyelashes is a good example of “peaks.” To freshen up the look, bring the peak over to the side more, in keeping with the “at the side” trend for 2008.

A swirling motion creates incredible texture, while making a strong individual statement. The swirls can also showcase haircolor in a way that no other styling technique can.

Curly Hairstyles

Curls are still in the limelight and the looks can range from smooth, deep dips and curves, to free flowing waves. Ramp up the texture of straight/wavy hair with a casual bend here and there (accomplished by wrapping random sections of hair loosely around the outside of a curling iron).

Bob Hairstyle

The resurgence of the bob continues in 2008. What’s the appeal? Ease and versatility. This seemingly basic style can take on so many personalities! The simplicity and classic elegance of Katie Holmes’ bob gives her an air of maturity. In contrast, Rihanna’s whispy, asymmetric version is fresh and funky, proving that a bob hairstyle can be fun and fabulous!

Bobs are un-fussy, easy to style and bring out a woman’s classic beauty… lengthening the neck and framing the face to highlight the eyes.

But be careful. Bobs can also have a plain, little-girlish feel. Make sure your stylist is versed in layering and texture cutting. Bobs appear simple, and they’re easy to style, but cutting a striking, fashionable bob hairstyle that “falls into place” requires precision craftsmanship.

For the Guys

Mens hair is more creative now than ever. private label mink eyelashes, emo styles, mod, surfer-casual, etc… Perhaps the options are a bit much for some men though. Several major celebs have recently chopped (Matthew McConaughey) or even shaved (Matthew Fox) their hair, many others are returning to the classic mens crop.

Movement is key for guys styling, whether it’s lively spikes or smooth, sweeping mod-inspired motion. Products like wax and putty help to achieve these styles without the crunch factor (and possible flaking) that gel can cause.

On the Formal Side

There’s a move toward demure low chignons, secured at the nape with height in the crown/back. Bangs can be swept across the forehead or pulled back from the face in a sultry wave.

Side-styling is growing in popularity too… hair swept off to one side, ending in a collection of curls or waves or a loose, messy bun secured below the ear.

The silhouette of updos (and hairstyles in general) is wider, with more volume in the back and at the sides, while maintaining just a bit of height in the crown.

Hair Color

Deeper shades are hot for spring… golden blondes, mocha browns, and wine-inspired reds (both warm and cool tones).

Dimensional color, with multiple tones applied in varying widths, is hot again this year. The contrast between tones is played down compared to recent versions though.

Create more drama by adding contrasting highlights or private label mink eyelashes underneath or through random interior sections. This application results in a “convertible” color which can be played up or toned down depending on how you style your hair on any given day.

private label mink eyelashes
private label mink eyelashes

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