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Quick And Easy Beauty Tips

Makeup can make any one look and feel gorgeous; it does however need to be applied correctly. When applying your makeup there are a few thing that you need to know before you start purchasing or using certain private label 3d mink strip , such as your skin type, skin texture, skin tone etc.

Now that you are ready to look and feel great here are some quick and easy makeup tips you may want to try out next time you want to look stunning and gorgeous.

1. Beautiful Bold Reds – a classic feminine red lip stick…worn correctly can make you look stunning, the key success in creating this look is to make sure that the lips stand out above all else, making sure that your eye makeup is as natural and minimal as can be, almost nude. When choosing your red tone ensure you match it to your skin color and complexity… remember… red is not just red!!! There are pink-reds, orange- reds and blue-reds. If you have a pink undertone in your skin it would be wise to avoid pink-reds, if your skin is more yellow in colour avoid orange- reds and if you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone… go all out ( unless you have your hair dyed some absurd colour!)

private label 3d mink strip
private label 3d mink strip

2.Anttx  lashes can create that extra punch that will make your eyes stand out. If you have inherited big beautiful eye lashes then all you need is a little extra eye liner and mascara to achieve the desired look. For us unlucky ones with smaller private label 3d mink strip don’t worry, you can create the illusion of bigger, bolder lashes by faking it! For a natural look, use a strip lash and cut it in half, apply to the outer corner of the eye. This will create a beautiful eye shape as well as a subtle volume and length. For a bolder look use the full strip, just make sure you cut it to size and always cut from the outer corner.

3. Blush Color – Blush is one thing that really needs to be selected carefully. The purpose of blush is to add some color and warmth to your face to make you look a bit more alive not to mention 3d! (For extra definition of the cheek bones a private label 3d mink strip will help with contouring) If you have chosen the wrong shade of blush, it may in fact do the opposite for you, bringing your face down and making it look dull and lifeless. Also remember that blush is applied to the apple of the cheeks, don’t be tempted to learn your makeup tips from nana who still applies her blush in a big pink stripe down her cheeks!

private label 3d mink strip
private label 3d mink strip

4. Creating a Smokey eye private label 3d mink strip!. This sexy glamorous eye technique can be achieved with a bit of practice and some good brushes. If this is your first time attempting a smoky eye, try starting out with a shade other than black! Once you master the skill of blending ( with a good blending brush you can then move on to a darker shade. It also might be a good idea to do your eyes first and your foundation last to avoid ‘fall out’ underneath the eyes, which can be hard to remove without a good makeup remover. I know professional makeup artists who still use this technique of applying foundation last! Finally, a good guide to colors is choose a mid-tone to cover the mobile lid (whole eyelid) a deeper shade for the contour ( the socket line of your eyelid) and a highlighter for the space in between your socket and your eyebrow.

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