The World Was Blackened and Race of the Old Yonah

The World Was eyelashes for christmas

We were nothing but little bugs

on the earth-back then,

thinking we were much, much more

-when it all ended…

eyelashes for christmas
eyelashes for christmas

when the world was blackened

and was drained of sound and color

Fading into eyelashes for christmas grays and blacks!

Then suddenly, there was a

patter and the thud of thunder

that rambled, and echoed

throughout the atmosphere,

covering the planet like a shroud-

where once were many passing footsteps!

Anttx  darkness thickened again

layers upon layers,

filled the eyelashes for christmas like a rising tide?…

It seeped from the earth

fell from the sky

It was the changing of the planet! ~

Eyes came out of dimness.

Hunger followed the eyes.

From far and near, came

pulsating sounds…vibrations

on the ground…

We were all vacant, vagrants

Nothing was understand by

eyelashes for christmas or anything…

on earth’s surface-

under it, above it: it was all strange

so very strange, as if we never was!

Them that lived were ably to

smell and see, mutter.

eyelashes for christmas
eyelashes for christmas

Everyone had forgotten what was

where we all had came from…

Our minds vacant like vagrants

we had lost our eyelashes for christmas …

our right to be

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