Applying Strip Eyelashes in Just Three Simple Steps

After this first appearance, false eyelash extension device were used to add mystery and appeal to history’s biggest names in the movie industry. They made available to the public in the 1940s and by the time 1960’s came, strip eyelashes gained even more popularity, thanks to model Twiggy, who always graced events and pictures with “dark eyes.”

Fast forward to our current times and practically everyone wears them. The only difference is what’s used are full or strip lashes that are made from synthetic fiber or real human hair. Obviously, these are made to make them look more natural but there are others which require materials that can evoke more drama, like feathers. Whatever the purpose, all comprise of fluttery lashes attached to a thin strip that you can stick to your eyelid.

eyelash extension device
eyelash extension device

There is another method dubbed as “lash by lash,” which as its name implies, involves sticking false lashes to your own individually so that they would appear longer. Unless you have the luxury of time and money though, this process not used as much as donning strip lashes.

Anttx , with strip lashes, application can be done in just three simple steps:

Before starting, you need to ensure first that both your lashes and lids are clean and devoid of makeup as this makes it hard for the glue to stick. Once done with that, you’re all set to take the three-step procedure:

1. Measuring and Cutting the Lash

You can buy strip eyelashes from your local drugstore, grocery store or anywhere where makeup is sold. They can come in pairs or sets of five to ten. They are basically a one size that fits all and are made longer than what you require; hence you need to cut them to the length that’s right for you.

To do this, hold the strips to your eyelid (just like how you would when you’ll apply it) in order to determine how much you’ll need to cut off. After which, employ scissors to cut it to a size that’s right for you.

2. Applying the Adhesive

Apply a thin ribbon of eyelash adhesive or glue along the lash band. Wait for a few minutes until it becomes tacky. Note that it shouldn’t be drippy. To ensure that you’re not using too much adhesive, employ a toothpick in applying eyelash extension device.

3. Applying the Lash

eyelash extension device
eyelash extension device

With one hand, hold down your eyelid and use your other hand to press the strip to your lash base. You can also employ a toothpick or tweezers for nudging the strip into place. Continue pressing the strip until it sticks. Optional: Add a mascara for a more dramatic effect.

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