The Luminess Air – The New Age of Makeup

If you take a look at movie stars and other celebrities, you will see that their custom 3d eyelashes is virtually flawless, and this is because they use airbrush makeup. Until recently, this technology wasn’t available to anyone but professional makeup artists, but now you can try the Luminess Air. This is an incredible device that provides the very same quality airbrush makeup and tanning that the stars use.

custom 3d eyelashes
custom 3d eyelashes

How Does It Work?

The beauty of the Luminess Air is that it is actually easier to use than traditional custom 3d eyelashes tools. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will find that you can apply your makeup much faster and it will look a lot better, too. In fact, it is so sheer that it will look as if you have no makeup on at all.

But I’m Not an Artist

Even though the Luminess Air is based on airbrush technology, that doesn’t mean that you have to have experience with an airbrush to use it. It is extremely easy to use and by following the directions and with a little practice, you will become such an expert that your friends will probably want you to do their makeup as well.

Where Should I Buy It?

If you go to a beauty store, you will find that you can buy airbrush makeup products, but nothing like this one, and certainly not at this price. Although this is a professional quality product, it is made for home use, and thus it is far more affordable. By buying online directly from the company, you also get special offers that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Putting on custom 3d eyelashes is a time-consuming process, but not when you airbrush it on. You will find that not only do you save money and time with this product, but that you look a whole lot better, too.

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custom 3d eyelashes
custom 3d eyelashes

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