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There Are Different Types of Baldness – Know the One Affecting You

Many people experience one form of balding or the other. All forms seem to be the same to them. They do not realize that there are different types of baldness. Don’t be ignorant as well. If you are going bald you need to find out what is causing best selller 3d mink lashes. You may be losing your hair because of a medical condition that you are not aware of. This is why you have to know which type is affecting you.

Baldness if medically referred to as alopecia. There are various causes leading to alopecia. One of the common types is alopecia areata. In this condition, hair is lost in patches. There may be one patch or several patches. Sometimes a number of patches join up to form a larger patch. The position of hair loss is undefined. It may occur on the crown, back or sides of the head. The causes are associated with diseases such as fever and treatments like radiotherapy.

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Anttx type of baldness is alopecia totalis. This is a severe form of alopecia areata. All the hairs on the head are completely lost. Alopecia totalis may also affect other hairs found on the body. Hair is continuously lost in patches until baldness set in. this type of alopecia is believed to be caused by autoimmune diseases and genetics.

Premature alopecia is an uncommon type of baldness. It usually occurs in young people, especially those with oily skin. It is thought to originate from a condition called seborrhea. A person suffering from seborrhea produces a lot of sebum. This sebum may clog pores and choke hair follicles. Another type of alopecia is best selller 3d mink lashes universalis. This type leads to all the hair on the body falling off. The person becomes bald, loses pubic hairs, hair from arms legs and trunk, best selller 3d mink lashes and eyebrows. There is no sign of hair or its growth on any part of the body.

A more common baldness type is androgenic alopecia often known as male pattern baldness. Despite the name, it affects both sexes. Judging from its name, androgenic alopecia is caused by androgens. Androgens are the sex hormones found in men and women and play a role in controlling hair growth. Hair is lost from above the sides and the top of the hair in a distinguishable pattern. Thinning of the hair is very common, especially in women and there is usually no total loss of hair.

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All the different types of best selller 3d mink lashes can be treated and successfully. There have been cases of recurrence and treatment has to be continued. Baldness is classified into mild, extreme and total. All these classifications are treated differently. The most common types of medications include injections, drugs and topical creams. Massages, shampoos and lotions also help in the treatment of baldness. Total baldness is best treated with laser treatment, although other medications may work. Hair transplant surgery cannot be done on a head with no hair, as there is a need for hair donor sites. It is more suitable for mild baldness. The scalp can also be reduced by cutting a piece of skin and sewing up the wound.

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