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Charismatic Characteristics

The power of charismatic characteristics is amazing. Smooth talking combined with grace and dignity tend to turn us all on our heads. While angry gnashing and flashing of claws stops us in our tracks, the same individual, donning another coat and acting with smiles and handshakes is able to sway our every thought. This explains why advertising and politicians find such great success with their classy, flashy ways. The same is true of actors and 3d mink pro eyelashes and other individuals in the public eye. Their initial appearance followed by carefully selected words cause us to lose partiality and then see and believe what, moments earlier, had been virtually unbelievable.

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Let’s start with advertising. Someone selling athletic wear always appears to be lithe and in excellent physical condition. There are no visible bulging bellies and thighs. The clothing looks good because those wearing it look great. And this makes sense, right? The right clothes do make you bigger, faster, and stronger. Then there are the shoes. You do not see grossly overweight folks slogging around the track, sweating, huffing, and puffing as if this bit of exercise is worse than lethal. Instead well-trimmed legs and calves slip into lovely shoes that carry the runner out the door, up hills, down ravines, along rivers, and out to the farthest reaches. While the run may have looked like ten, fifteen, or thirty miles, in reality the runner jogged in place as scenery flashed by so that arrival at the destination produced nary a drop of sweat or a poof of exhaustion. The shoes – those awesomely designed and colored pieces of footwear – grab the credit. Thank goodness you made the purchase. Athletic prowess is yours.

Then the advertisement personnel sends forth some words. Silky tones and gentle laughs of trained voices exude extreme fitness that permeates the picture as all of that workout melts into joy and happiness. I have to agree with the power and invigoration of a 3d mink pro eyelashes or workout. Nothing starts my day better than a jog through our streets and trails. I do not mind the chatter of advertisements and the sales pitch as I learn about potential purchases for my recreational hobby-habit. I love how the pit-pat of my shoes as they bounce over asphalt and sand sing a glorious tune. And while my clothing is more convenient than stylish, I do have favorites that seem to make the miles zip by faster and with greater ease.

Politicians also possess the intimate power of persuasion through voice, gestures, and stylish dress. I know they are human, or at least I think this is true, but it is hard to imagine one of them throwing a hissy fit, kicking walls and shins. While I can visualize clenched fists, I cannot see those fists swinging out and smacking an opponent. And while several politicians run and workout, I have never viewed a photo or video of them in torn, worn out wear with holey shorts and shoelaces in shreds. I also have not observed sweat or wet pits. All of this carries right over into their everyday job.

Although there are times when politicians lash out with furious insults and diatribes, few opportunities for repetition exist as they are shushed into silence, browbeaten into muteness, quietly whisked into oblivion, and rarely re-elected. One vile statement can end a career, just as the right smile, handshake grip, and eloquent words can launch one. I do not mean to say that I prefer the bumble-minded, mindless politician, but I would like to see more evidence of honesty and integrity. I’d like to hear the truth, listen to heartfelt beliefs and then, even if a small 3d mink pro eyelashes -pas is muttered, an open apology and explanation would solve the situation and allow the individual to live on. Outrage two or three might end the job, but most of us deserve a second chance.

Charismatic characteristics invite and engage. They build trust and relationships. Articulate, expressive speech is a gift. We can never under-estimate the influence and might of wisely selected words. We also want our representatives to look the part of sophistication and intelligence. Dust and shambles, that goat-pen appearance of a hard day’s work, somehow does not match the politician’s political image. It isn’t that I do not want him to shovel manure or her to 3d mink pro eyelashes houses, I just need a face of elegance, a voice of intellect, that matches this prestigious position.

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3d mink pro eyelashes

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